Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Topical Antibiotic Ear Drops: Are They Safe?

There are many potentiality advantages in using topical rather than systemic therapy. Topical medications are delivered directly to the infected office bypassing the systemic public exposure, and as a statement, pharmacokinetic factors such as property, intestinal immersion and hepatic effects do not powerfulness paper concentrations, resulting in a higher tightness of antibiotics at the site of communication.

Perhaps more important is the fact that topical antibiotics are less likely to lead to the modification of electrical resistance than systemic ones.
The intellect is that the concentrations of topical antibiotics exceed the minimal inhibitory assemblage (MIC) at the site of incident to such a honor that eradication is more rapid and complete.

Aminoglycosides and quinolones are both concentration-dependent drugs.
Consequently, bactericidal process depends on the delivered engrossment which should exceed the MIC.
Although the MIC of ciprofloxacin 500mg for Pseudomonas is reported to be as high as 256 μg/ml, this spirit level is not the norm, and end punctuation mark MICs rarely exceed 64 μg/ml, even for highly resistant Pseudomonas strains.
Consequently, the strengthening of the delivered antibiotic, when topical medication is used, is always well above the MIC of the relevant system.
This makes the deed of bacterial deadness extremely improbable.

An important termination of the high absorption of antibiotics delivered when topical preparations are used is the organic phenomenon that MICs reported by clinical laboratories become useless or even misleading.
The clinical testing ground discovery of electric resistance is based entirely on the drug spirit level that can be achieved by systemic disposal.
A Pseudomonas system with an MIC of 8 μg/ml for ciprofloxacin is considered resistant.
Clearly, however, the same organisms are rapidly killed by 0.3% topical answer containing 3000 μg/ml.

In component, topically administered antibiotics have minimal side effects, anesthetic suffering and anesthetic allergy.
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